March 01, 2009

Lak-ing attack

Kid's rapier shot to the top corner to win the game was fast, hard and deadly accurate. It was also just in the nick of time, snuffing a furious five-goal comeback by a suddenly invigorated opposition that had turned a 19-11 rout into a 20-16 nail biter.

"It always heartbreaking to lose when yoiu're starting to play so well," said a dejected Velma.

The end for his team was as unlikely as it was unlucky. For half of Sunday's game, Velma and his mates were a disorganized and disenchanted lot, skipping passes over sticks, letting opposing forwards run around them with little opposition.

"We were able to have a lot of two-on-ones," said Billy Idol.

Then Lak Attack showed up.

The veteran speedster had been expected to miss Sunday's game. But when he dropped by the court to check out the game, he was quickly recruited by the underdogs, who were already down by four goals and counting.

Playing with a borrowed stick and ragged gloves, Lak Attack took command, quarterbacking the disheveled defense, sparking the offense, and, perhaps most importantly, calling to account some lazy plays by his newfound teammates.

"When Lak got here, he really kicked us in the ass and got us going," said Velma, who admitted he struggled early in his first game in a month. "He's got the motivation and that just gives us encouragement all around."

"When they brought in Lak, it was a whole new factor," said Billy Idol.

And a whole new game. With Lak Attack's wheeling and dealing drawing the attention of opposing defenders, Elvis and Velma were free to crash the boards and dig in the corners while aging veteran Living Legend struggled to stay upright. With nothing to lose, but the game itself, the underdogs finally found their game.

"We were really digging in, working hard," said Velma. "We thought the nine goals was going to be too much, so we really started trying."

They battled their way back with five straight goals, giving the leaders pause.

"We had to run, we had to make more plays, we knew we had to play a little bit harder," said Billy Idol.

Just hard enough to spring Kid from the right wing to unleash his winning shot.

Posted by jaysuburb at March 1, 2009 08:13 PM

Don't forget the time change tonight.

Posted by: The Colonel at March 7, 2009 07:57 PM

Ragged gloves...those are brand frickin new...looking sharp! I don't think they've ever scored so many goals...

Posted by: Gump at March 2, 2009 08:12 AM