February 01, 2009

Gump delivers soggy win

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow was going to keep Gump from making his return to the crease. Sunday, he had to overcome all three to lead his team to a resounding 20-14 win.

Playing his first game in almost two months, the veteran backstop slipped and slid on the thin layer of slush created by the persistent snow and rain that pelted the roadsters much of the morning, frustrating opposing shooters who fought their own battle with traction. And while the soaking conditions weren't the most comfortable, he turned them to his advantage.

"It was nice, because it slowed the players down," said Gump. "It does take away the players' chances on breakaways and two-on-ones. They don't have the manouverability."

Snipers like Lak Attack tried to adjust.

"I think the first thing you recognize is you can't over-commit," said the soggy speedster. "But you do have to continue to move your legs, and that was the biggest thing we didn't do. We were stationary too often."

Rookie winger Velma seemed especially frustrated, as his usual speedy rushes and deft dekes were neutralized by the treacherous traction.

"You've got to make sure if you do make a move, that it's a safe move," said Lak Attack.

That cautious approach was especially costly in the early-going, as his team fell behind 12-6. As the snow let up and the slush melted into puddles, they were able to scoot and swoop their way back into contention.

"The slush really slowed down the passes," said Lak Attack. "When the courts started to clear a bit, that was to our advantage."

But the deficit was too great.

Buoyed by a couple of lightning glove saves, Gump wasn't about to let his first win of the new year slip away.

"We didn't really have much doubt after we were able to build up such a big lead," said the soggy shotstopper.

Posted by jaysuburb at February 1, 2009 04:32 PM

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Posted by: billy idol at February 6, 2009 09:09 PM

Oh Lobster,
Don't be so jealous. Just because I never gave you the shot you so desperately wanted at my soft cotton balls.

Posted by: The Colonel at February 5, 2009 08:49 PM

Soft cotton balls, yeah that's gotta me the colonel, surprized you have kids

Posted by: lobsterboy at February 5, 2009 11:28 AM

Sounds like a lethal combination of ineptitude and ineptitude to me.

Southpark and I shared a burger at Burgers, Burgers on Saturday and talked about how we were revved to play on Sunday. Then,the sniffles hit me like a small, soft cotton ball and I decided to sleep all day instead. Wonder what his excuse was ...

Posted by: The Colonel at February 1, 2009 08:59 PM

About that picture of me today... I don't think I was frustrated with the snow, I think I was frustrated with my own ineptitude at finding the back of the net. :(

Or possibly my ineptitude at checking. Who knows.

Posted by: Velma at February 1, 2009 06:17 PM