February 11, 2007

Losing Legend loses game

It's been awhile since the Living Legend broke a game wide open. Sunday, it was what he didn't do that made the difference.

Still favoring a sore shoulder he injured two weeks ago while servicing the onerous demands of his exploitive employer, the fellow founding father made his first start in three weeks Sunday. He even set up two goals on his first few shifts as his side bolted to an early lead.

But as a persistent drizzle slicked the courts, he realized his comeback was folly; an inopportune fall onto the concrete could jumble his joint for good. So he sat. And he could only watch as his side's once-formidable 12-5 lead turned to a tough 20-17 loss.

"Not having the extra man really caught up with us," said Elvis, whose team struggled without the spare player to spell off tired teammates. "We just ran out of legs."

"We quit working," said Wink. "I think we were a whole lotta lazy. It's frustrating. We got outworked, we got outhustled, we got outcared."

"With the Legend out, they were getting a bit more tired, and we took advantage of that," said Bird. "I think we were beating them to the ball a lot more, and when you've got ball possession, it makes it a lot easier to score."

"The Legend went down, and it was all over," said Smith, who overcame a shaky between the pipes to hang on for the win. "They didn't have the sub, they ran out of energy, and from there on we outworked them."

Indeed, shortly after the Legend left the game for an extended stretch, Bird and his mates exploded, outscoring their flagging opponents 9-2 to pull within two goals, 14-12. No longer playing just to avoid embarrassment, they stormed a beleaguered Billy Idol with newfound intensity and determination.

"We were getting our shots on net a lot more, looking for rebounds," said Bird "We knew we could win it, that it was within our grasp."

"They were able to start moving a little quicker, outrun us and beat us to a lot of the balls," said Elvis. "We had a hard time keeping up with them."

With his team now down 15-14 and back on their heels, the Legend defied the rain and returned to the game. He scored a goal on his first shot, and set up another, to tie the game at 16.

"They came back with some energy," said Smith. "The Legend was back on and they felt like they had some fresh legs so they started to go."

But the spark was short-lived. A floater by Cowboy Bill, off Billy Idol's shoulder, extinguished it for good.

"I'm totally shocked," said Smith of his side's unlikely victory. "Those guys usually don't give up, but they totally lost the drive and we just stuck it to them."

Posted by jaysuburb at February 11, 2007 04:46 PM

Well Gumper, since you weren't there I'll update you that, as you can tell from the story, the theme music from Chariots of Fire was blasting from the houses all around us. It was truly an epic day...

Posted by: Smith at February 16, 2007 04:46 PM

Dissapointed in the lack of comments...looked wet out there last week!

See you all on Sunday,

Posted by: Gump at February 15, 2007 03:29 PM