March 06, 2006

Billy Idol Deflects Praise

The game began and almost ended the same way. The first shot on PFG was smoothly deflected by Billy Idol into the net, and became a running theme for the day. The rebellious roadster was a scourge in front of the net all game, using his timely deflections to help lead his team to a hard fought, 21-19 win.

"I just had the touch today," Idol responded with uncharacteristic modesty. "Sometimes it's on, sometimes not; today, it was on full volume. 11."

It was a tactic that was particularly effective on the slick courts, as a number of steady downpours reduced any freewheeling to a minimum. Passes and shots had to be accurate, as switching directions became a challenge to all players.

And while Billy Idol wasn't deflecting shots past a beleaguered PFG, the goalie's own players were. With his team up 19-18 and pressing for the win, another long shot from Unibomber was deflected by Elvis into his own net. PFG could only look on in bemusement.

"It was a tough game," the agrarian goaltender commented afterwards. "It was hard not to second guess every shot, with so many ricchots and deflections occurring. And when they start coming off your own players, well...nuff said."

On the plus side for PFG's squad, a new acquisition, TBA, turned in a stellar performance, leading his side with several goals. He had an eye for the top and bottom corners, picking his shots with Kid-like precision. And while Lobsterboy responded with a number of clutch saves, the tenacious TBA was given enough chances to find the back of the net. Lobsterboy was also was victimized by several one timed two-on-ones that kept the game close.

"Defense was understandable fragile, for both sides," the clawed backstopper lamented. "With footing so unstable, when the play suddenly reverses, it's difficult for the defenders to respond. Both me and PFG had our work cut out for us today."

Despite the soggy conditions, the turnout was reasonably strong. Each team had two subs, enough to keep the pace of the game, if not the players' balance, steady.

Yet another roadster has purchased real estate, and is subsequently going on holiday. Earlier this year it was Gump buying a condo and then striking out on a leisure jaunt; now, it's Kid doing the same. In a blithe announcement before the game, Kid revealed that he had purchased an appartment, and "as a celebration" he's going to Mexico. Clearly some of these roadsters have more lucrative contracts than others, if they are able to afford both a home and a holiday in the same month...

A scary moment for PFG in the afternoon has left him doubtful for next week's game. Playing in his second game of the day after not being able to find a replacement, PFG torn his knee again while sliding across his crease. And although he was able to finish the game, his knee was definitely unstable, and swollen and sore the next morning. To PFG, however, it was just another day in an aging body.

"I've popped it easily half a dozen times in the last year, and although this one was pretty nasty, it's nothing I haven't handled before. Hey, it's either just another tear, or I've blown it completely. And unless I get surgery, there's little I can do about it. Except not play."

Not an option he cares to consider. However, in the interest of health, PFG's status remains questionable, and he probably will be a game time decision next week.

Posted by at March 6, 2006 04:26 PM

sorry. pregnancy. i'm a wee bit drunk right now, so i can't type...

Posted by: pfg at March 8, 2006 04:46 PM

gump, with you drinking is like pregancy. you can't be 'a wee bit' pregnant, and you definitely can't be a 'wee bit' drunk. bringing the incence on sunday to kill the alcholic draft that'll be wafting off your soggy bod.

Posted by: pfg at March 8, 2006 04:45 PM


Did I hear you didn't come play because it was raining? Starting to sound like Beetle Boy. I'll be out next week, but am going to the hockey game saturday night so I may still be a wee bit drunk.

Posted by: Gump at March 8, 2006 01:23 PM

Lobsterboy, has Paul One still not figured out how to quit you? Sorry I couldn't be there on Sunday, but playing in the rain just didn't seem like a good idea with a cold and all. Should be ready to go for this Sunday.

Posted by: Living Legend at March 7, 2006 01:40 PM

Paul One and I will be away on holiday next sunday as well. And no we will not be joining Kid at the all inclusive Sierra Brokeback Hotel in Mexico, whatever you do Kid, don't go on the fishing trip...

Posted by: lobsterboy at March 7, 2006 10:11 AM