October 30, 2005

Week Two Washout Averted

The rain sunday morning was as plentiful as the sidelines were empty.

At 10:25, PFG surveyed the courts. It did not bode well. Not a single player in sight. By 10:30, Gump and Cowboy Bill shuffled to the covered sidelines, to be followed shortly by Wink, Kid, and a handful of others, including a surprise arrival from Beetle Boy. Enough players to scratch together two teams, with one lone sub, and begin by 10:50.

Welcome to the new Sunday Morning Hockey.

Despite the inclement weather and lack of substitutions, neither side seemed daunted, playing a spirited, fast paced game to a final score of 20-9. And despite the lopsided result, teams were competitively balanced. The most dangerous player, and perhaps the deciding factor in the outcome, was Kid. His trademark stickhandling and quick slide over the drenched court after an open ball kept the opposition scrambling. On several occasions Gump was the helpless victim of Kid's quick release shot. On the other occasions, it was a quick deke.

Goaltending was a challenge during the game for both ends. Gump came up with numerous spectacular saves to keep with team in the game early on, but down the stretch couldn't withstand the barrage of shots. At the other end, PFG, playing his first game of the year, was the victim of a few unlucky bounces and rusty reflexes in the first two periods, but settled down to stave off any pressure for the last half, including a phenomenal three save series to preserve the shut out in the remainder of the game.

Players declined interviews after the game, but an anonymous spectator offered his thoughts.
"Wow. Wet game. Where the heck was Elvis?"

Much of the pre-game chatter had little to do with the effects of the weather on the game, but more to do with the effect of Living Legend's withdrawal from the league he helped found and run for so many years. Several players were admitting to a decrease in enthusiasm for Sunday Morning Road Hockey, due in part to this new development.

While his teammates are happy for the Legend's newly found bedroom bliss, they are discouraged by what they feel to be a sudden and unexpected abandonment.

With Sunday Morning Hockey reeling from severe lack of attendance in the last few weeks, many voice their worry over the future of the long running league. Rumours abound over players looking elsewhere for their weekly hockey fix. Other players have already predicted their absence, due to family concerns.
Hopes are that next week will bring better weather, and a return from players like Lak Attack, Elvis, Billy Idol, Paul One, Lobsterboy, Wendel--a long list indeed.

In other more upbeat news, players were both surprised and happy to see Beetle Boy make his second appearance of the season. A frequent absentee when the weather is poor, Beetle Boy apparently had a change of heart, and tactics, this week.

"This week where you have no subs make up for those weeks where you have too many. I figured this way I'd get in shape faster, at least."

Posted by at October 30, 2005 04:04 PM

old photos...and the other ones are from last week.
definitely a good game, although i think we should have had a floating sub ie the sub alternates between teams...an idea for next time.

Posted by: pfg at October 31, 2005 04:08 PM

Nice game on Sunday boys! A little rain can't stop our beloved game of roadhockey.

Who took the photos? PFG, did you switch pads halfway through the game, cause i'm sure they were black??

Posted by: Gump at October 31, 2005 11:48 AM

hey beetle i checked video replay...ball was in and out of glove before my glove cross goal line...sorry bud, tv no lie :)
speaking of video replay, the new sport to introduce it--tennis. ah technology.
and legend, if you get a chance to let me know how to adjust stick pull and do road notes, that be good.

Posted by: pfg at October 30, 2005 09:35 PM

Great report PFG! PFG played great in goal (although I have to report that I think we got robbed on a goal when P made the save but had his glove in the net...perhaps its just sour grapes talking). All in all, it was a fun game. I thought myself, Cowboy and Bird played well as a team considering we had no subs.

And for the first time, the teams were not decided by stick draw...a sure sign that this is the New Road Hockey League.

Just for record keeping purposes, the teams were:

Good Guys
Gump (goalie)
Cowboy Bill
Beetle Boy

Bad Guys
PFG (goalie)

Posted by: Beetle Boy at October 30, 2005 06:56 PM

Good report PFG. I'm impressed that you guys were able to cobble together a game in such crappy weather. I had a prior commitment, hence my absence. I will be there next week, though. Hopefully it's sunny. We've had too much rain. I'm sure even Beetle Boy will get discouraged if this keeps up.

Posted by: Living Legend at October 30, 2005 04:45 PM