October 10, 2004

Nibs nets nine

While the rest of the roadsters were spending their summer off season sipping pina coladas, Nibs was sharpening his shot in the afternoon league. Sunday, his preparation paid off, as he fired nine goals to lead his team to a 20-16 win in the final tune-up before the games start counting, next week.

That this would be a big day for the soft-spoken slapshooter was apparent right from the get-go, as he racked up a hattrick even before the teams paused for the first intermission. With time to tee up from his wheelhouse, just inside half-court, he ripped blasts past the outstretched glove of a shellshocked Billy Idol and between the baffled backstop's pads.

"I was just shooting more," says Nibs, whose rapier blasts sail over the net and into neighboring gardens more often than not. "It was just that this time they were going in. Sometimes the luck just comes your way."

And that's the cue for opposing goalies to get out of the way.

"It's scary, you see these guys winding up and, eventhough you've got protection, it still hurts," says Billy Idol, who was pressed to strap on the goalie pads to relieve the first goalie crisis of the season with Lobsterboy away on his anuual scouting mission, and Ottoman and Pig Farming Goalie out with injuries. "He was just finding my five-hole everytime."

But Nibs had more in his arsenal Sunday than just his big blast. Showing rare bursts of speed, he drove deep into the corners and circled the crease looking for the wrap-around. He even played some defense.

"He mixed it up really well," says Wendel of his tricky teammate. "He showed us a lot of new looks that we're not used to seeing. He was playing positions we've never seen him play before."

And unlikely to see him playing again, says Elvis, who was burned more than once by Nibs' nifty footwork. "Well, once a year he has a big game. But, unfortunately for him, he wastes it in the pre-season."

Indeed, once defenders figured out they needed to pay closer attention to the point-shot specialist, they were able to stifle the run and gun game that Nibs and his mates had used to build a 19-12 lead. Four straight goals brought the underdogs within three.

"We just got a few lucky bounces," says Elvis, who also stepped up his game after a lackluster start. "Our passes started connecting and we started to hit the net to get the momentum back."

"We knew we weren't going to go down 20-10," says Billy Idol. "We just gave it all we had, we buckled down and made it close."

But the effort was too little, too late. Nibs' hard-shooting heroics was just too high a hurdle to overcome.

"He had made all the difference," says Wendel. "It was Nibs against the world, and he won. You couldn't ask for anything more."

Posted by jaysuburb at October 10, 2004 03:44 PM

Great issue of roadhockey, tried to explain this pheniomenon to the chinese, they were mystefied. Off to mexico then berlin then i shall return to shut the door, flop and dive, and lower my goal against average to only 20 goals a game. Elvis you suck, Wink thank you for the gift, and Billy Idol I give you a double finger...

Posted by: lobsterboy at October 24, 2004 12:20 AM