June 06, 2004

Rude-ys squeak out win

It was the longest day in road hockey history. And maybe the best, too.

When Nibs finally whacked a rebound past Lobsterboy to give Rude-y and the Merry Men a ferciously fought 10-6 win in the mini-game and the right to hoist the storied Stanley Stick Trophy, proceedings had gone on for the better part of four hours.

The Underdogs, bolstered by additions New Guy and Wendel and a newfound commitment to defence, had forced the winner-take-all showdown by nailing down a 20-13 triumph earlier in the day.

Lak, road hockey's celebrated star, was awarded the Conn Stick Trophy as most valuable player of the final series, thanks his sterling two-way performance. The fact is, though, that the Conn Stick could have gone just as easily to Unabomber of the Rude boys, since he was particularly deadly in the mini-game, or to steady Rude-y netminder Ottoman, who played the best road hockey of his career and got his name on the Stanley Stick for the first time.

A case can be made as well that Underdogs goalie Lobsterboy should have won the Conn Stick, too, since his quick reflexes continually had the Rude dudes shaking their heads, smashing their sticks and using PG-13 rated language over the three games.

"From a state of the Sunday morning road hockey point of view, it was a tremendous finish to the year," said Underdog Wink. "From our team's point of view, it sucked, because we had done so much against a very good team to force that mini-game. But, big picture, it was good.

"It makes you hope, now that the collective bargaining agreement is up, the owners and the players' union can get along and come to a deal for next year."
How the day played out was particularly intriguing considering some of the mind games being played by both sides during the week. Rude-y got things started, by proclaiming that his team was "stacked" and telling the opposition, "I'm being sincere when I say that you guys don't stand a chance, truthfully I'd prefer more of a challenge than you'll be able to muster."

His bad attitude, along with his poor grammar, had an impromtu Founding Father gathering prior to the game opt to change his name officially from Rudy to Rude-y.

"He was so rude," said Wink.

"He did a nice job of reving up our team, though. To be honest with you, I was going to vote for him for MVP no matter who win. If it was his team that won, it would have been because he's such a good player. If it was our team, it would have been because he's such a good motivator."

The game had a few heated incidents, as Colonel clashed with Rude-y, Colonel clashed with Ottoman, Colonel clashed with Paul One and Colonel clashed with Unabomber. Cooler heads prevailed in each case.

The only real disappointment was that the Living Legend couldn't play due to family commitment.

"If there's one name that's synonymous with road hockey it's Living Legend," Wink said of the fellow founding father. "He was really missed."

Posted by at June 6, 2004 06:40 PM

I was kidding,

Posted by: billy idol at July 5, 2004 08:58 PM

I thought I had a stellar playoff performance, boy you are rude.

Posted by: lobsterboy at June 30, 2004 12:59 PM

Dont you think it's time to hang it up,lobster?

Posted by: billy idol at June 24, 2004 04:45 PM

Ottoman, do you have any goalie equipment for sale? i need to buy some stuff nor nexy year

Posted by: lobsterboy at June 22, 2004 02:46 PM

Rude-y should be happy to know that I'm no longer eating through a straw.

Posted by: Newguy at June 9, 2004 09:06 AM

That implies we have skills, Una;-)

Posted by: Living Legend at June 8, 2004 01:03 PM

...or at least have an all-star game-plum full of skills competitions. =)

Posted by: Unabomber at June 8, 2004 01:31 AM

Glorious game everyone, that was one helluva way to end the season. I was really impressed with the level of play by everyone on both sides. Picking the Conn Stick winner never was harder. Una, my favorite Bomber, was hellishly tough to contain. Rudy's speed and craftiness gave us fits. Ottoman was an absolute wall. Lak was, well, Lak. And then there was the other half of the team!

Sorry I couldn't stay for the post-game fun. Hope to see everyone at the mid-summer game & pub night. Enjoy the summer off!

... and a little something to ponder during the long hot days of summer ... if the Stanley Stick brings out the best hockey in our group, why not do it twice?? Once in December and once in May/ June.

Posted by: Wendel at June 7, 2004 10:10 PM

Although it is only my 2nd Stanley Stick, I really enjoyed this one in particular due to the extreme competition till the very end. I would imagine it would be one of the best playoffs yet. Hard to top it. Congrats to •everyone• on both sides for making it such a great battle. I agree Gump in particular had a superb tourney, Lobster almost singlehandedly stole this thing and New Guy...I don't know what you had for breakfast but I've never seen you play so well. You really rose to the occasion and dare I say it may have been a different outcome in game one had you made it. Another guy who stood out in game 2 was Wendel...silent, not flashy but extremely effective defensively and shut down the shots from the point. Congrats to Lak as your tireless work ethic & leadership really did make the difference! I could go on as it was a superb display of hockey...love hockey this time of year & how when the chips are down it brings out the best game in players. Really looking forward to next year and an evening game/pub night sometime this summer!
Have a good one everyone.

Posted by: Unabomber at June 7, 2004 03:09 PM

I love the Colonel, he makes me feel all warm inside.

Posted by: PaulOne at June 7, 2004 02:27 PM

I think we should all do as the New Guy did last Sunday. Far more often, we should go for a walk with our wives / significant others. Take the time to smell the flowers. Remember, when it comes to the fairer sex, it's not necessarily the destination that counts, it's the journey.

Congrats to this year's victors, and to the underdogs who battled valiantly to the end.

I'll make no apologies to the opposition. One does what they can to even the score, strive for success, and protect their team-mates. Like many of you, today I nurse the ill-effects of a game strongly played. It's hockey, with pain comes joy. It's hockey, and it should be played as such.

Posted by: TheColonel at June 7, 2004 01:22 PM

congrats to the underdogs for forcing the mini-game. I was there with you in spirit, if not in person. My hopes for attending the game were tempered by a good dose of common sense; if i showed up, there was no way i could not have played, with even more damage to my knee the potential result. So I had to wait and read. And thrilled I was to see that it went to overtime.
And congrats to the winners too. I look forward to a new year of hockey when perhaps i can attend with a new knee. And given the potential lock-out of the NHL, our sunday morning hockey might be the only hockey we get to enjoy. except for the giants perhaps. see ya next year (or maybe in the summer...)

Posted by: pff at June 7, 2004 01:14 PM

Congratulations to the winners, they were full value for it.

Lak, kudos for your Conn stick win, your triple shifting really turned the tide for the Rude-y's.

Ottoman played great particularly in the mini game and The Unabomber had a standout day, cashing in on almost all of his opportunities.

As for My teamates, great game everyone. Special mention goes to my main linemates, Colonel, Gump, Wendel and Beetleboy, the hustle displayed by these four really kept the Rude-ies on their heels and won us the second game.

Sorry I could not stay for the post game festivities but the game stretched on far longer than I had anticipated and I had to go for a walk with my wife.

Posted by: Newguy at June 7, 2004 11:14 AM

hip hip hooray! cheers to both sides.

hey one more bit of recognition needs to go out here. while the game was indeed an awesome battle, most roadsters, at one point or another overstepped a line. wether in buildup emails, oncourt nastiness or sideline whinning. (the sidelines were just as rough verbally as the action on court was on the players.) That after all that, in a true act of sportmanship, it was the Bird who stayed right to the last drop, enjoying several rounds of celebratory drinks with the victors. bringing the animosity back down were it should be , a friendly sunday afternoon. It takes a pretty big guy to be able to sit and enjoy anothers victory at the expense of his loss. (the same goes for lobster , beetle and gump, it may just be Bird likes his booze a little more)
And colonel, Ive been holding this in since, but That F%$#kin' Hurt!
and as a parting shot...
since when have the province's reporters been concerned with grammar?

Posted by: rude E at June 7, 2004 10:36 AM

Message to All.

Please send me your email addresses and I will forward low rez versions of all the game photos to you.

Send your info to:


Posted by: PaulOne at June 7, 2004 10:12 AM

Sorry..forgot to mention that Gumper played probably his best games as a forward...outside of Lobster, he was the Underdogs' best player.

Posted by: Wink at June 7, 2004 09:41 AM

What a marathon game and it did suck to come out on the losing end but I am proud of our team for forcing the mini-game.

Wink was right, the Conn Stick could have gone to any one of a number of players.

Congrats to the winning team for they played one hell of a game and congrats to our team for finishing strong when everybody had written us off.

I plan on seeing everyone at the Summer evening/ Pub Night game but if you can't make it then have a great summer and see ya in September.


Posted by: Beetle Boy at June 6, 2004 10:53 PM

after all that is said and done, it was an excellent finish. I hate you nibs, unabomber

Posted by: lobsterboy at June 6, 2004 09:21 PM

Great report Wink. That Jay Suburb is such a hack. Congrats to the 'dogs for forcing the minigame and to the Rude-y's for, well, winning, I guess. And congrats to everyone for a great season. Yeah, even you, New Guy.

Posted by: Living Legend at June 6, 2004 08:01 PM