May 09, 2004

Rudy paces comeback

Rudy twice undressed the Living Legend while scoring consecutive goals to spark his team to a 20-13 comeback win in Sunday's game.

With his team struggling and sniping at each other rather than sniping shots at the opposing net, Rudy spied a weakness and pounced, dancing around a flat-footed Legend to break in uncontested and roof a pair of shots over an embattled Ottoman. The lightning strike seemed to extinguish the firepower of his opponents, who had forged their way to a surprising 8-4 lead.

"They were definitely pushing forward," says Rudy. But they left their defense exposed, and that's when he found his seam. "It's gotta take the wind out of their sails... and it gave us the strength to just keep going."

"It's humoungous," says Unabomber of his teammate's quick attack. "Everything was feeling a little hopeless there for awhile and it gives you a lift that you didn't have."

"He was out-quicking us for sure, he had some awesome moves" says Paul One of the rocketing Rudy. "You get into this type of weather and the dry court, and you can definitely see the people who have the good endurance, the guys who can run down the ball and make things happen."

While Rudy left his opponents scrambling for their wardrobe, his side's goalie, Lobsterboy, made a key addition to his equipment after being felled by a blistering, rising shot to his neck off the stick of Lak Attack. The respite as the creaseminding crustacean gathered his senses and then strapped on a protective neck guard and a new facemask allowed his mates time to regroup and his resolve to play through the pain seemed to inspire them.

"He got rid of that tacky teal mask, put on the black defender and that just sort of changed his attitude," says Unabomber. "It was the intimidation factor."

"You'd think that shot might turn him the other way, make him a little gunshy, but it didn't happen," says Paul One. "He seemed to close the door after that."

Including a remarkable series of four stops on the Living Legend as he whacked at rebounds, and a diving lunge across the crease to rob the fellow founding father of a wide-open onetimer off a pass from Bird.

"He made several of the biggest saves of the year, that's for sure," says Rudy.

"When you do a save like that, and you hear everyone go 'woh,' it really rallies the team," says Lobsterboy, showing off the battlescars of his effort, welts and angry red bruises all over his upper torso and arms.

Even some late line juggling by their opponents in a desperate attempt to generate offense couldn't overcome the winners' speed and newfound defensive determination.

"We had to be more concerned about what we're doing or what we're not doing," says Paul One, of his side's sudden strategy to throw all their goal scorers on one super line.

But putting the Kid and Lak Attack together only seemed to affirm the effectiveness of their team's gameplan, says Rudy. "We stayed pretty positive. We just had to build on our own chances."

"We tried to play a little more of a control game, and we weren't feeling so desperate," says Unabomber. "We just settled down."

"Our guys just started working harder and passing better," says Lobsterboy. "It was an exciting game."

Posted by jaysuburb at May 9, 2004 04:11 PM

Looking forword to a good game without yelling and carryiny on. (no offence Hoss)

Posted by: Billy Idol at May 15, 2004 09:44 PM

Colonel and Hoss are out for this Sunday as well (familial responsibilities). That info alone should contribute to a record turn out this week.

I haven't seen Wink dance before but am all for it!

Posted by: TheColonel at May 14, 2004 09:06 PM

yeah, where's Drunk? I mean Gump.

Posted by: rudy at May 14, 2004 07:06 PM

I hope there are two goalies for this Sunday, as I doubt I will be able to make it.

Posted by: ottoman at May 14, 2004 04:56 PM

Glad I'm tops on your list Lobsterboy.

Posted by: Wink at May 10, 2004 02:10 PM

Thanks Lobsterboy, it's always nice to receive positive support and comments from close family member.

See you next Sun.

Posted by: PaulOne at May 10, 2004 12:47 PM

Boy, did PaulOne look out of shape out there--could it be due to his hangover and eating Denny's grand slam just before playing?
Lak i hate you, almost as bad as i hate wink.
Where were PFG (or PLE, pretty lame excuses) and Gump? If PaulOne and I can drop off our demanding wives on Mother's day and play, anybody can.

Posted by: lobsterboy at May 10, 2004 12:37 PM

Hey...leave me out of this. The next time I dance around anybody will be the first time; I'm the first to admit that.

Posted by: Wink at May 10, 2004 08:23 AM

Well, Beetle, I'm sure the next time Wink dances around you for a clear-cut breakaway, Jay Suburb will give you a prominent place in his report! Heck, he even called me "flat-footed." I'm thinking of calling my lawyer; my feet have very healthy arches;-)

Posted by: Living Legend at May 10, 2004 07:22 AM

Kudos to the Legend for peppering references to himself throughout the game report. However tenuous the connection, he worked himself into story! Now that's some solid journalism!

Posted by: Beetle Boy at May 9, 2004 11:51 PM