September 21, 2003

One ready, despite injury, age

Paul One says he's ready for the new road hockey season, but he won't have much of a wrist shot.

The aging veteran is still rehabilitating a badly-broken wrist, suffered in a dry-land training accident shortly after last Spring's Stanley Stick Championship Series. And, after emergency surgery to stabilize the shattered joint, eight weeks in a cast and another eight weeks of rehab, he says recovery is taking a little longer than he expected.

"There definitely is an age factor when it comes to recovery," says One, the league's second-oldest active player, after the Living Legend. "You get an injury like that and you start thinking well, there's things that are more important than sports. It definitely gives you pause."

But with a new generation of young, quick and skilled roadsters nipping at his heels, looking to show up the wily veterans, One says he knew he couldn't pause for long.

"Each year it feels like I'm losing a step to the young guys, that's for sure," says One. "I feel the pressure a bit more. These guys are starting better right out of the gate, injury or no injury."

So the speedy centerman kept running through his recovery. And a special waterproof cast allowed him to work out in the swimming pool.

"My style of game is a little bit of a running style, and if I can't do that, I pretty much can't do anything," says One. "I don't think I'll be 100 percent, but I wanna be in as good condition as I can be."

And while his fitness is coming along, he says the wrist is another matter.

"I've been trying to take some wrist shots, and it's very painful," says One. He's been testing the hobbled hinge by taking shots against the wall in his suburban basement. "The couple of times I have taken shots, it just sorta collapses like a wet noodle. It's very unpredictable."

But with the first pre-season game still two weeks away, he's optimistic.

"I don't know how effective or ineffective I'm going to be until I step onto that court and get into a game situation," says One. "You really start to look forward to the season starting, you start to think of the hockey court."

Posted by jaysuburb at September 21, 2003 07:51 PM

two day ago i reach my 31st year. i start to feel ache and pains more, and realize that my days ov playink hockey soccer tennis all time is becomink much harder.
But when i read ov paul one on his trek to regain his fitness after terrible accident, i am inspired. His determination and commitment should be lesson to all us younger, and somewhat younger, players to play our best. i myself intend to.
against paul one too of course. sorry. admiration go only so far.

Posted by: pfg at September 21, 2003 10:29 PM