October 16, 2016

Quick shots a winning recipe in regular season opener

Colonel’s languid attempt to wrap a shot around from the back of the net past Joker’s outstretched pad late in the game may have been the longest anyone on his team possessed the ball Sunday.

And while he didn’t score on that play, the wily veteran and his mates used quick crisp passes and timely shots to overwhelm their opponents 15-10 in Sunday’s regular season opener.

Playing without the benefit of a spare player to shift off for refreshed legs, Colonel and his mates kept the pressure on all game by keeping the evil orange plastic ball moving, even if their feet weren’t. That kept their opponents on the run, and Joker on his heels.

“Our passes were a little crisper, our shots were a little faster,” said Colonel. “Sometimes all you need is that extra split second and they go in as opposed to not going in.”

Joker admitted he had trouble tracking the ball at times as it moved quickly back and forth between the opposition’s stick blades.

“They were one-timing shots, and we were taking our time.”

The up-tempo playmaking was rewarded by a quick 5-2 advantage. But Colonel and his mates were wary to keep the pressure on.

“We came out pretty fast, but we learned pretty quick the game would go on for a while,” said the veteran centreman. “We had to keep our noses down and take chances when there were opportunities.”

Joker said his side’s man advantage may have kept their legs fitter but dulled their mental sharpness. Knowing they might be able to outlast their opponents in a longer game, played hung onto the ball, made the extra pass, moved the ball around the court more before taking a shot.

“We were taking our time,” said Joker. “We were accepting the pass and then setting up to shoot as opposed to shooting right away.”

That gave Lak Attack ample time to set up for saves. And, but for a brief lull in the second period, he was equal to the task.

That lull coincided with the underdog’s renewed effort sparked by Joker’s temper tirade after successive goals stretched the lead even further. Kid, Bam Bam and even a pair by the Living Legend pulled the underdogs to within a goal, 10-9, at the second break.

But that was as close as they got.

Sunday’s game was played on a slippery, wet court after a weekend of rain and wind. But the persistent drizzle and pools of water behind each goal was a fitting launch pad for the Sunday Morning Road Hockey ’s silver anniversary season. After all, the league has endured through all kinds of difficult weather over the years.
“After a weekend of torrential rain and wind, we’re all out here, sweeping the court, having a great time,” said the Colonel, who’s beginning his 18th season in the league. “It’s a great sense of community and camaraderie. People love the sport for the pure fun of it.”
Even newer players like Joker have quickly recognized and appreciated the unique qualities that have allowed the league to attain its milestone season.
“It’s the same group of guys that play hard every week,” said the seasoned shotstopper, embarking on his third campaign. “They know they can leave it all on the court at the end of the game.”

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October 09, 2016

Lak Attack's return to crease "like a magic trick"

Lak Attack hadn’t played net since February. Sunday, it was like he never left.

The journeyman veteran, who was usurped from his backup goaltending role when Twizzler returned for the second half of last season, reclaimed his place between the pipes with authority in the final tune-up for next Sunday’s regular season opener. He made numerous showstopping saves for both teams to force the half-court game into sudden death 7-6.

Afterward, Lak Attack said he was eager to make a big impression in his return to the net. He expects he’ll be called upon to strap the pads regularly as Twizzler’s status for the coming campaign is in doubt after he tweaked his injured knee late last season.

“It was a good tune-up for myself,” said Lak Attack. “I tried to stay closer to the net, use more economy of movement, cover my angles well.”

He did that and then some, after spotting a team of wily veterans including Wink, Living Legend, Colonel and Kid with an early lead.

“Lak is a big body in the net,” said Colonel. “His positional play was really good today. He made some good horizontal movement across his crease. He was tough to beat.”

Especially as Sunday’s game wore on. The veterans seemed to lose their touch around the acrobatic shotstopper while their opponents started to chip away at their deficit.

“When you’re out there in the half-court game, you’ve got to play the walls a lot more,” said Holt, who returned to the lineup after he missed most of last season to pursue educational opportunities.

With a little more overall speed and agility than their aging opponents Holt and his mates, Big D, Nouvelle Guy and Cleveland, started cashing in the opportunities they were able to create by forcing a fast transition from defence to offence.

“I think our legs just went away from us a little bit,” said Colonel, who was in the lineup for the first time Sunday. “People came to run.”

Still, both teams found it hard to solve Lak Attack.

“I started to get into a bit of a groove,” said the veteran backstopper. “The half-court game is always a bit different because guys get open more, the shots are quicker, so you just have to be prepared.”

“It was like a magic trick all day,” said Holt of the goaltender’s ability to make the evil orange plastic ball disappear into his equipment.

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October 02, 2016

A tale of two goalies: Dr. Joker and Mr. Hyde

Joker’s goaltending was a bit of a horror show on Sunday. Dr. Joker and Mr. Hyde to be precise.

The veteran shotstopper put in a schizophrenic performance in a pair of half-court games to kick off training camp for Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s silver anniversary season. He could barely stop a beach ball en route to a 10-2 rout in the first game. But after stripping down his cumbersome jersey he was lights out in the second to lead his side to a 5-1 win.

The contrasting contests weren’t lost on Joker.

“The first game I just want to forget about,” said the beleaguered backstop. “I knew I was going to play better in the second game.”

Indeed he did. While rebounds eluded him easily in the opener, he hoovered them in the follow-up. That frustrated shooters who’d thought they’d have an easy start to the season.

“I think Joker did well at motivating himself and bouncing back in that second game,” said Bam Bam.

He could hardly do worse as Joker struggled to regain his touch for the evil orange plastic ball after a long, inactive off-season. Playing a half-court game that demanded his full attention on both teams proved too big a challenge.

“You’re doing twice the work while you’re getting rid of the cobwebs,” said Joker. “You have to stay focussed.”

But Joker shook off his slow start as easily as he shed his hockey jersey. Time and again he made multiple saves as defenders fatigued. And when a shot did elude him, he quickly bounced to his feet, prepared to face the next onslaught.

“If you let in a bad goal, you just have to stay focussed and bounce back,” said Joker.

Bam Bam said the offensive players wore down as the games wore on, their off-season sloth catching them out.

“You’ve always got to keep your legs moving,” said the feisty forward. “There’s no delaying anything in the half court game.”

Sunday’s pre-season games launched Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s silver anniversary. The quarter century will be celebrated with an open invitation to all roadsters from the past to show up for a game as well as blasts from the past on social media.

Early in Sunday’s first game, a bit of unfinished business from last season was concluded when Wink was presented with his first Wink Award. The special trophy is awarded to the roadster who plays with the most dedication and perseverance. It was inaugurated when Wink was forced to step away from the game he helped build to deal with a difficult health issue.
With his health now better, Wink was able to play his way back into the lineup regularly last season. So it was only fitting he should receive his namesake award.

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September 20, 2016

Silver anniversary a season-long Heritage Classic

Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s milestone silver anniversary will be a season-long Heritage Classic.

Beginning with the opening of training camp on Oct. 2, through to the final regular season game in April, any roadster who’s felt the sting of the evil orange plastic ball off their shins on a Sunday morning will be welcomed to join the regular weekly game at the venerable court that has served as the league’s home base for most of its 25 years.

That lineup includes illustrious stars from the league’s formative years like Goaltending Stalwart Wawrow, Scooter, Teal Stick, Philderama and Sexboy through to renowned veterans like Lobsterboy, Sniper Dave, Lumberjack, Paul One and Hired Gun.

As players respond to the open invitation to recapture their road hockey glory, the game’s current generation will be able to connect to the league’s storied past, said fellow founding father, the Living Legend.

“Every player who’s stepped into this court and been granted a nickname has helped build the game to where it is today,” he said. “There’s not a lot of road hockey games that last this long; everyone deserves their moment.”

Sunday Morning Road Hockey began in the fall of 1991 when a group of local media colleagues placed some boots at either end of a tennis court and chased around the evil orange plastic ball for exercise. They had so much fun, the games became more frequent, and players started inviting friends and friends of friends. The original media contingent was joined by teachers, engineers, students, a social worker. It was hard to keep everyone’s name straight, so they were issued nicknames.

The game’s formative years were restless, moving from the tennis court to a lacrosse box before finally settling in at the concrete hockey court on the roof of an underground parkade behind a newly rebuilt elementary school. It’s been there ever since, a staple of the neighbourhood’s weekly routine.

One spring someone showed up with a broken hockey stick wrapped in tinfoil and declared it the prize for the season’s final game, the Stanley Stick. Eventually it became a proper trophy with a bowl for chugging champagne.

Other traditions evolved; the Shrimp Ring Bowl to welcome the new year, a midsummer game to renew acquaintances during the off-season.

Generations of players have come and gone. Some succumbed to time pressures and growing family obligations. Some lost interest or invested their energy in other sports. Some moved away to pursue their education or new job opportunities; a legendary goalie is now a sports reporter for the Association Press in Buffalo; another charter player, Sweater Vest, is the communications director for the Mayor of Los Angeles; a more recent recruit was elected to Parliament in the last federal election.

Some years attendance has been better than others. When the commitment of players flags doubt creeps in about the game’s continued existence. But then a new recruit shows up; he tells a couple of friends and renewed life has been breathed back into Sunday mornings.

It’s hard to say how many people have played Sunday Morning Road Hockey over the years; some stopped by just once and moved on before they could ever be bestowed a nickname, a few have been chasing the evil orange plastic ball for two decades or more. But all will be welcomed at the court to renew acquaintances and make new ones, in the enduring spirit of the league.

Sunday Morning Road Hockey training camp exhibition games will be played Oct. 2 and 9. The regular season opens Oct. 16.

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August 18, 2016

Summer scrimmage takes twin twist

It took 25 years, but Sunday Morning Road Hockey has found its doppelgänger.

The midsummer scrimmage to launch the league’s silver anniversary season took a twin twist Wednesday when a new band of roguesters claimed the centre court as their own. But with two goalies suited up and barely any players, they’d be hard pressed to execute a proper game.

The roadsters, on the other hand, had the opposite dilemma; more than enough players but no goalies.

A merger was negotiated.

The roguesters, it turns out, are no upstarts. Though new to the concrete court they’d adopted as their summer home, they’ve been together almost as long as the Sunday Morning roadsters, playing indoors every Wednesday night at various community centre and school gyms.

Like the roadsters, the roguesters span generations; their goalies are pushing 60 years of age. They play a spirited game of pick-up, randomly changing the teams every week. They value sportsmanship and camaraderie.

They are, in effect, Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s midweek, indoor twin.

“It’s kind of fun to play with some players you’ve never played with, see what they’re like,” said Colonel of the mirror match. “I thought it was fitting for a summer game. We had a fun time.”

In fact, it may even be a portent for a special season to come, said Beckenbauer.

“I think the culture is one of the greatest things about the league,” said the veteran centreman who missed much of last season because of a knee injury. “It keeps you coming back.”

Another harbinger of the coming season may also have been the unexpected return of Kid, who hadn’t played regularly since 2011. Beetle Boy also made his annual summer appearance to spark speculation about yet another aborted comeback.

“I think it’s fantastic to see guys out we haven’t seen enough of,” said Colonel.

“It’s good to see how you match up against some of the old faces,” said Beckenbauer.

On a night that could have been a letdown, the roadsters were buoyant when the advancing dusk finally made it impossible for the goalies to see the evil orange plastic ball.

“Twenty-five years is a huge milestone to build on, it’s not often you do something for that long,” said Colonel. “It has the potential to be a memorable year.”

For the roadsters. And their indoor doppelgängers.

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August 03, 2016

Summer scrimmage launches silver season

The gala silver anniversary season of Sunday Morning Road Hockey kicks off Aug. 17 with the annual Midsummer Scrimmage.

The early pre-season encounter is a fun chance for the roadsters to stretch their legs and test their creaking joints. It’s also a showcase for scouts to assess goaltending prospects for the coming season which looms closer with every passing week.

And this season promises to be special, as Sunday Morning Road Hockey celebrates 25 years of the sting of the evil orange plastic ball.

Founded in the fall of 1991 as an informal pick-up game on the expansive tennis courts at Queen’s Park, the league has evolved into a beloved weekly institution that has exercised and entertained generations of players. And while only two of the game’s original founding players remain, Living Legend and Wink, the spirit and camaraderie that were forged in that inaugural game endure.

Face-off at the hockey court is 7 p.m. and the game goes until the goalies can’t see the ball anymore.

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April 25, 2016

Doo gets it done

Doo capped a season he’d rather forget with a memorable performance to lead his team to a 20-13 victory Sunday and a two-game sweep of the Stanley Stick championship series.

The speedy centreman scored a handful of goals, many of them spectacular individual efforts of footwork and persistence, to earn the series’ Conn Stick award as the most valuable player. He was the unanimous choice by the underdogs who were repeatedly victimized by Doo’s slippery moves and stickwork just as they seemed poised to get back into the series.

It was a stunning return to form for the lanky scorer who struggled to find the net at times during the regular season as he dealt with injury and personal issues.

“I had to make a commitment to play,” said Doo. “I’m proud I was able to do that.”

After romping to a relatively easy 20-6 win in last week’s series’ opener, Doo and his mates knew they’d be in for a tougher battle from their opponents in Sunday’s decider, as they were bolstered by the addition of two players, Ohio and Nouvelle Guy.

“There were definitely times we were under siege,” said Doo. “But I think we were pretty consistent all game.”

In fact the game seemed poised to get away from them entirely after the underdogs got to within one, 6-5; but a three-goal outburst reestablished their goal cushion and seemed to clip the underdogs’ growing confidence.

“That was a key point where we elevated our game,” said Doo. “Once you pull away like that you’ve got to keep your foot on the pedal.”

Joker said the trio of successive goals reversed the game’s tide back into their favour.

“We were losing momentum at that point and that was the catalyst we needed to hold the lead for the rest of the game.”

“That was kind of a backbreaker,” said Wink. “It gave us momentum and a cushion so we could give up a goal and not be too worried.”

The winners never trailed in the series, but that doesn’t mean their win was easy.

It took the solid execution of a defensive gameplan to stifle the dangerous tandem of Cleveland and Ohio.

“Everybody knew the job they had to do; shut down their big shooters,” said Joker.

“I thought we had a really solid game plan and we stuck to it,” said Doo.

“There was a lot more battle,” said Wink, whose side added Holt and Coach to its lineup.

That gave them two full lines of players. And a challenge to establish chemistry quickly.

“The camaraderie we built on this team over two games was second to none,” said Joker.

“I think we found some chemistry and that will take you a long way,” said Doo, who settled into an effective combination with wily veterans Lak Attack and Wink after some initial line rolling.

“You don’t panic, you know you’re going to be able to complete passes,” he said of working with his senior wingers. “It really was a team win.”

While the addition of Ohio and Nouvelle Guy was expected after they were excused from last week’s Stanley Stick opener, the arrival at the courts of Holt and Coach was a surprise.
The former was making his first start of the season after spending the year pursuing educational opportunities abroad; he received a special veteran’s dispensation to participate in the championship while Coach fulfilled the minimum regular season games to play in the finale. All the new players were distributed by a special supplemental card draw before the start of Sunday’s game.

This year’s Stanley Stick champions are: Wink, Lak Attack, Doo, Colonel, Coach, Holt, Joker.

The roadsters will next convene at the special mid-summer scrimmage and annual Beetle Boy comeback anticipation in August.

Next season will be Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s 25th anniversary. Plans are already being formulated to celebrate the milestone including a reunion game of past roadsters.

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April 17, 2016

Winners wear down overmatched opponents

The only thing gorier than the bloody cut suffered by Lak Attack in Sunday’s Stanley Stick opener was the score.

The versatile veteran shook off the high stick that clipped his left eyebrow to lead his team to a dominating 20-6 win in the first game of the two-game championship finale.

After a tight first half in which the underdogs got to within three goals, 8-5, fatigue and heat took their toll and the winners outscored their beleaguered opponents 10-2 after the break.

Having an extra player to sub off tired legs certainly worked to their advantage in the balmy conditions, said Colonel.

“it was a warm day and any time a team doesn’t have a sub at all, it just allows the team with a sub to stay fresh and go hard every shift.”

But to take full advantage, the winners had to strike quickly. They did just that despite being outplayed in the early going, said Doo.

“They were generating chances,” said the speedy centerman. “But that was classic offence from defence for us from the beginning of the game.”

Joker also stood tall in the net, rebuffing Bam Bam and Cleveland in close.

“He did well to be there when we needed him,” said Colonel of his veteran goalie. “It’s a big boost because you know you can take a few more chances offensively.”

Which is exactly what they did.

“They got a couple of quick goals and the momentum was always on their side,” said Bam Bam.

A brief flurry and some fortuitous bounces got the underdogs close early in the second period. But Doo said his side kept its cool.

“We had a lot of veteran presence on our team… so we didn’t panic.”

That's something the underdogs will have to remember if they’re to win Sunday’s second game to force a deciding sudden death mini game.

“All you need is one win to send it to the mini game,” said Bam Bam. “We’ve got to create more offence, take more shots, keep it simple.”

Despite Sunday’s lopsided score, the leaders aren’t taking anything for granted.

“I don’t think we got the other team’s best game this week,” said Colonel. “Next week they’re going to come out hard, feel rejuvenated. It’s going to be a whole other game.”

Doo said his side’s experience will serve them well to maintain an even keel.

“When you’ve been around enough Stanley Sticks, you know each game is completely different. We’ll have to rely on our veteran experience and patience next week.”

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April 10, 2016

Bam Bam's return a battle

After missing more than a month of the season with an ankle injury, Bam Bam didn’t have the luxury of easing himself back into the lineup.

Sunday’s game was the last regular game before the Stanley Stick championship series, and the feisty forward felt the full intensity of the season’s short strokes in his team’s tough 15-12 loss.

“I was definitely two or three steps behind,” said Bam Bam. “The cardio will take some work, as will the physical aspect of keeping up on the dry surface.”

It was definitely a spirited affair as players from both sides were fearless in blocking shots and relentless in their offensive attacks.

“The intensity was high,” said Doo. “There was lots of good stick work, lots of back checking and the goaltenders played really well.”

All factors which set up an epic finale when players leave it all on the court every shift.

“Every bounce counts,” said Bam Bam. “It’s a lot different from regular season games.”

The addition of several rookies midway through the season likely won’t lessen the ferocious commitment it takes to win the Stick, said Doo.

“They’ve had a lot of games together to get acclimatized to our game,” said the speedy centreman. “There’s no true rookies out there.”

Sunday’s warmup featured two great swings of momentum as each team managed to battle back from three goal deficits to build three-goal advantages of their own.

Doo said it was important to take full advantage of any lapse in concentration.

“When you see your opponents letting up, you just have to pounce and we were the ones able to do that at the end.”

Bam Bam conceded the momentum swings are inevitable in such an intense game.

“Every week we know teams are going to go on a run,” said the veteran forward. “Once you have it going your way, you have to capitalize as much as you can.”

Which is exactly what his side did as they used some fortuitous bounces and won some difficult battles at the top of the crease to rebound from an early three-goal deficit by scoring six straight goals.

“We weren’t giving them anything, but they just found the space out there,” said Doo. “They had a little better body position, they were a bit faster.”

But they couldn’t sustain it and the leaders gave up a five-goal run of their own en route to their demise.

“I think it was pretty even today,” said Bam Bam. “They got a couple more bounces.”

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April 03, 2016

Cleveland rocks comeback win

Cleveland and his teammates shook off a sullen first period to fire six unanswered goals and roll to a 15-10 win in Sunday’s game.

The shifty rookie found his legs, and his passing game, to spark the second period barrage. Feeds that had been rolling harmlessly into the corner in the first frame suddenly found the blades of his line mates who deftly tucked those setups behind a bewildered Joker.

“I think we got our legs and developed some chemistry,” said Colonel. “We had a lot of chances early, but then we started to put them away.”

Time and again Joker found himself abandoned by his defence.

“Our defence wasn’t getting back on the odd-man rushes,” said the embattled net minder, who’d been almost unbeatable in the first period when his team stormed back from an early deficit to go into the break up 5-4. “Once the first couple went in, it opened the floodgates.”

Cleveland scored twice, the Legend three times and Colonel added another to shatter the shotstopper’s confidence.

“It just started to get to me,” said Joker. “It fell apart really quickly.”

Colonel said keeping their game simple was the key to their comeback.

“If you pass it around too much, there’s too much opportunity to bumble it,” said the senior forward. “Those quick passes and deflections to the net work best.”

A brief flurry by the underdogs on the strength of an unexpected hat trick by Big D gave them some life. But it was too little too late.

“When everybody is really tired and you’re able to make a run at the end of the game, it shows character,” said Joker.

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March 27, 2016

Lack of luxuries give game mystique

Even as Lak Attack’s stick blade delaminated to half its usual width, he kept firing shots with the rattling, flacid impliment in warmup.

Good thing he was playing net.

Not that his goalie equipment was in any better condition.

Haphazard gear that’s held together with thread and tape, sticks that are peeling and gloves and shoes full of holes are part of Sunday Morning Road Hockey tradition.

But what the game lacks in luxury, it compensates with character.

“There’s no pretence in Sunday Morning Road Hockey,” said Doo, who’s shaved many a blade to toothpick width over his long career with barely an effect on his offensive capabilities. “If you’ve got a stick that you can’t even see the blade, then you just play with it.”

Goalies are particularly skilled with tape and thread to keep their equipment functional, if not exactly stylish.

“You do your best,” said Lak Attack, who suited up for Sunday’s half-court game wearing a protective cup on its last thread, literally. “You put some string in, or a little bit of tape, and you’re good to go.”

His second-hand pads also left something to be desired; leg guards flapped loosely because of missing straps or buckles, the thick rolls didn’t mesh properly, leaving a gaping five hole as a target for eagle-eyed forwards.

“If you’re a shooter, you have the luxury of picking your spots,” said Doo.

“It’s challenging every week,” said Lak Attack, who recovered from some early miscues Sunday to shut out one side through the game’s second half. “Somehow you have to perform above what you’re really capable of given the gear.”

Doo said broken down goalie gear is part of the game’s mystique.

“The goalies play with whatever they have, it’s part of the experience.”

That tradition of resilience was forged in Sunday Morning’s earliest days, when legendary Goaltending Stalwart Wawrow faced down some of his era’s fiercest shooters without the protection of heavy leg pads or even a mask for much of his career. That formative era was followed by Couch, who fashioned his leg pads from thick pieces of furniture foam.

“It adds character to the game,” said Lak Attack. “It wasn’t built from equipment, it was built from the players who played, and we continue that tradition.”

“We don’t have many luxuries out here,” said Doo. “There’s kind of a shared bond because nobody shows up with shiny new equipment.”

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March 20, 2016

Sunday's win a long shot

Wink’s long sizzler that eluded Colonel’s flailing glove hand was a fitting winner for his side’s sudden-death 10-9 victory in Sunday’s game.

The distance shot had vexed the netminders all day.

“For a goalie who doesn’t play very much, the long shot tends to move a lot,” said Colonel, who stepped between the pipes when regular back-up Lak Attack was a surprise scratch. “The ball dips away and you’re just not used to that curl.”

His opponents had used the long shot to build a 6-3 lead, five of those goals by opportunist Doo, who pounced on rebounds or zeroed his sights on Colonel’s gaping five-hole.

“From our perspective, we just had to get a lot of low shots on net, get some bodies in front and take advantage of rebounds,” said Doo.

But when his mates started to get fancy, stretching for the extra pass instead of putting shots on net, the game’s momentum shifted and their three goal advantage disappeared.

“There were definitely some ebbs and flows to the game,” said Colonel as his mates used their own pinpoint shots to wrest an 8-6 lead.

“Everybody has such a quick release,” said Joker. “They can shoot the big bombs but they also get them off really quickly and that can be tough for a goalie to deal with.”

Doo said his own goalie’s struggle with long shots was a bit of a wakeup call to tighten up defensively.

“When you haven’t got any spares, you can’t play hard every minute,” said the speedy centreman. “You’re going to give up some chances and that’s when you’ve got to rely on your goalie.”

They also got back to the game that had put them in the lead initially, peppering shots at the net.

“We didn’t have to make the one extra pass,” said Joker. “Once we started shooting, it started going in.”

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March 13, 2016

Hard work reaps reward in half court game

Road hockey rewards hard work. Especially in the half-court game, said veteran utility forward and backup goaltender Lak Attack.

Sunday’s winners used their work ethic at both ends of the court to turn an early 2-0 deficit into a 10-7 victory.

“They worked hard and because of that they were able to get the breaks,” said Lak Attack, who minded the crease for both sides.

After spotting their opponents, Cleveland and Wink, a quick advantage, Beelzebub and his teammate Living Legend got to work. They forechecked aggressively on changes of possession, dug hard in the corners, hustled after stray balls. Their effort paid off with three straight goals and they never looked back.

“You’ve gotta work through it and persevere,” said Beelzebub of his side’s slow start.

A seeing-eye backhand by the Living Legend that found its way through the smallest of gaps on Lak Attack’s short side may have been an early backbreaker. Legend created the scoring opportunity by battling for the ball off the boards.

“When either team gets an opportunity, they have to take the time to be patient,” said Lak Attack. “They have to wait for the goalie to make the first move.”

Once they moved ahead, the winners never took their foot off the gas, pressuring Wink and Cleveland almost every rush off the change of possession. Beelzebub was especially persistent, pestering the oncoming forwards into making mistakes that resulted in turnovers.

“Defence usually gets a bad rap in this game,” said Beelzebub. “But it’s just as important as offence, even more so in a game like today.”

That’s because with only two players aside, any defensive lapse instantly created an odd-man rush.

“It’s a slower game,” said Lak Attack. “But you’ve got to be alert at all times because the bounces can come from anywhere.”

And while the intensity of Sunday’s game may not have matched the fierce pace of recent matches with better attendance, the stakes were just as high as the season heads into the home stretch toward the Stanley Stick championship finale.

“You’ve got to go out there an give it your all, no matter if it’s full court or half court,” said Beelzebub.

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February 28, 2016

No lead safe enough in wild game

A pair of seeing-eye goals by the Living Legend bookended a game that swayed on wide swings of momentum.

To set the table for Legend’s game-winning chip shot over Joker’s shoulder, his team twice battled back from deficits of four and three goals. They also gave away leads of their own.

“It was a back and forth battle all day today,” said Lak Attack, who was on the short end of the 17-16 final score.

Both teams showed resilience as they refused to succumb when the game’s momentum turned against them.

“It can be demoralizing,” said Cleveland, whose side battled back from 8-4 and 14-11 deficits. “If you keep pushing, stay at an even keel and hopefully the bounces start going your way.”

It also helps if the goalies are struggling.

Both Joker and Twizzler seemed to be fighting the ball at times, giving up easy goals before shutting the door for stretches at a time. Five quick unanswered goals that erased his side’s early four-goal advantage almost sent Joker on a self-imposed exile to the sidelines.

“Joker is a good goalie, so you’ve got to take advantage of those opportunities,” said Cleveland.

“They scored some quick goals and that was really a letdown for our team,” said Lak Attack.

At the other end, Twizzler seemed to be slightly hobbled for a stretch after he overextended his hip to make a brilliant toe save.

With little to choose between the sides, the decisive goal may have been as much a product of desire than a talent advantage.

“It comes down to who wants it,” said Lak Attack. “You might be working hard but the bounces have to come your way.”

“You just keep your head down and put the ball on the net,” said Cleveland.

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February 24, 2016

Stanley Stick dates announced

An infusion of skilled new players, a burgeoning rank of solid goaltenders and spring-like weather should add up to an exciting stretch run of the season.

The Stanley Stick is less than two months away. The coveted chalice will be contested in a two-game series April 17 and 24.

The Stanley Stick championship series is the only time of the season when teams carry over from one week to the next. To be eligible to play in the finale, players must have appeared in at least three regular season games.

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February 21, 2016

Shots swing momentum back to winners

With a lineup comprised of three rookies and two players returning to action after extended injury breaks, Doo and his mates could have folded their tents after a 7-1 run that cost them their early 4-1 lead in Sunday’s game.

Instead, they answered with a streak of their own and powered to a 15-11 win.

“We had a lot of energy, we had a lot of skill,” said Doo, who made his return to the court after an extended absence because of a hip injury.

But they didn’t have a lot of game action in their legs.

In fact, only Living Legend has been a regular starter.

Cleveland, Ohio and Beelzebub are rookies, still wet behind the ears. Between the pipes, Twizzler made his first regular season start after being sidelined all season with a knee injury he suffered in the summer scrimmage that required surgery.

Still, they were able to use their fresh legs to run circles around their veteran opponents and find gaps in Joker’s goaltending armour.

But veterans don’t become senior players without learning a thing or two. As the grizzled defenders started to clog the passing lanes and stifle the speedsters’ superior playmaking, they were able to generate their own scoring chances on counter attacks.

“You have to be sound positionally,” said Lak Attack of his side’s mid-game surge. “You might be down, but if you work hard you’re going to get your chances.”

They did.

“They had a lot of veterans who knew how to clog things up,” said Doo. “They started shutting us down, they got in all the lanes.”

They also started to find the net, reversing their early deficit to an 8-5 advantage.

With the wheels threatening to come off, Doo and his mates went back to basics. They peppered shots at Joker.

“We realized we just had to start shooting,” said Doo.

The effort paid off quickly and handsomely. Doo regained his scoring touch. Beelzebub drove hard to the net, Living Legend found the top corners. They reclained their lead and never looked back.

“We had to put our heads down and go to the net,” said Doo. “Then the momentum swung back.”

“They just wanted it a bit more,” said Lak Attack. “We had some breakdowns at key moments.”

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February 07, 2016

Rookies run roughshod in 15-7 rout

The road hockey careers of Coach, Cleveland and Ohio totals less than 10 games. Combined.

Sunday they teamed up with the league’s most senior player in a 15-7 rout of their overwhelmed opponents.

The offensive chemistry of the new foundlings was apparent right from the opening face off. They passed the evil orange plastic ball with authority. They executed dizzying give-and-goes that left defenders spinning on their flat feet.

Only some remarkable saves by Lak Attack prevented the game from getting out of hand in its earliest moments.

“They were just way too skilled,” said the beleaguered backstop. “They were moving their feet more than us, they were playing as a unit.”

That unit got a big assist from the longtime hockey history between Cleveland and Ohio. But Sunday was the first time they’d both played on the same side at the road hockey courts.

“It’s almost like the chemistry was there between them even before they started playing the game,” said Colonel, who spent portions of the game just watching the dizzying playmaking of his opponents. “They were making bang bang passes, lots of nifty little moves.”

Supported capably by Coach and Living Legend, who chipped in a pair of goals of his own, the upstarts opened the lead to as many as seven goals before the determined underdogs started to claw their way back. But they couldn’t get any closer than 10-7 before surrendering five straight down the stretch.

“We got a couple of opportunistic goals but at the end of the day they were the better team,” said Colonel.

Which was good news for Joker, who was coming off a dismal performance in last Sunday’s soaker where he gave up 10 goals in a six-minute span. Or maybe it was six goals in a 10-minute span.

“The odd-man rushes and the passing were just unbelievable,” said the jocular netminder. “It makes it a little more comfortable for me back there.”

And very uncomfortable for defenders who just couldn’t keep pace.

“The only way to stop them is by taking their space away,” said Colonel.

The theory may have been sound, said Lak Attack, but the execution was lacking.

“We had a lack of defence today for sure.”

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January 24, 2016

Youngblood's hat trick sparks comeback win

Youngblood scored three times in his Sunday Morning debut to lead his team to a 12-10 comeback win. He’s only 11 years-old.

The rookie phenom showed hockey sense and fortitude beyond his years as he mixed it up in the corners with grizzled veterans and drove hard to the net to create scoring chances.

“Those young guys just keep pushing and pushing,” said Bam Bam of his fearless teammate. “They’ve got endless energy, they can chase, they can cycle. It doesn’t hurt if they’ve got a good pair of hands.”

Which Youngblood apparently has. HIs goals came on a long shot, a rebound and a bold charge through a seam.

“He’s got a great skill level and he knows the game really well,” said Colonel of his juvenile adversary. “You just can’t leave him alone.”

Time and again the youngster found himself in open court, making plays and creating opportunities. He also wasn’t afraid to mix it up with some of his more notorious opponents, including Colonel and Wink.

“You don’t expect that right away,” said Colonel, who’s team quickly realized they had to overcome their instinct to go easy on their young opponent. “He’s just another player out there and we always have to play tough on everybody.”

“It wasn’t just the goals, it was the hustle, the playmaking,” said Bam Bam, whose side trailed by as many as six goals half way through the game.

But then Beelzebub hurt his arm, depriving his side of their extra player to spell off tired teammates. And Joker found his glove hand.

The garrulous goaltender struggled early in Sunday’s game. His five hole looked more like a chasm. His glove hand failed him.

But his mates kept their faith.

“We know goalies give up bad goals,” said Bam Bam. “But we knew he’d come back. We just needed to give him some support offensively.”

“He was definitely hot in the second half,” said Colonel. “That gave their team a lift.”

Especially after Youngblood scored his first goal, and Bam Bam regained his legs in his first game of the new year.

Having the extra man for the balance of the game allowed the winners to better manage their effort said Bam Bam. That gave him time to get reignite the energy that had been sapped by his extended illness that kept him on the sidelines for the past month.

“I think we did a good job of keeping our shifts short,” said Bam Bam. “The guys played hard, then they came off. Overall I think we worked well today.”

Their opponents could only rue the game that got away from them.

“I think we took them a little too lightly, and that cost us,” said Colonel.

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January 17, 2016

Wink blasts team to victory

The Winkian blast is back.

Already goalies are cowering in fear.

The veteran founding father, who’s on the comeback trail after missing five seasons with health issues, scored three of his side’s first four goals to spark a 15-8 victory in Sunday’s soggy game.

All of them were rifle blasts that eluded Lak Attack even before the lanky netminder had a chance to react.

“I was putting the ball where I wanted to put it,” said Wink.

That was high past the outstretched glove of Lak Attack, just beyond the reach of his toes, and over his shoulder.

“He can shoot it high, he can shoot it low, he can place it where he wants,” said the beleaguered backup. “It’s a hard shot.”

In fact, at the height of his defensive dominance, Wink’s shot from the point was one of the most feared on the small road hockey court. Time and again he rained them past shellshocked shotstoppers with alarming regularity.

But since returning from his medical hiatus, the veteran defender has been challenged to recapture his timing and goal-scoring glory.

“I felt I’ve shot it well since I came back,” said Wink. “I just wasn’t hitting it this well.”

Finding his sizzling slapshot means defenders will have to adjust, said Lak Attack. “We really have to challenge him.”

Otherwise facing down those cannon drives will take a toll.

“You start to wonder where your positioning is, where your glove is,” said Lak Attack. “You start to speculate and you’re not very confident.”

Drawing defenders his way means more court for his teammates, said Wink.

“I think it gives us a whole other aspect that opens things up for the other two guys down low.”

Up 5-1 at the end of the first period, Wink and his mates never trailed.

But a hat trick by Big D seemed to light a fire under their opponents to make a game of it.

“The guys played really well,” said Lak Attack of their losing effort. “They just didn’t mesh well in the first. They got going in the second and third.”

By then, though, it was too late.

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January 10, 2016

Slick surface stifles scorers

The icy court pebbled with rock salt and gravel may have frustrated players in Sunday’s game, but it was a boon for Joker.

The veteran netminder limited both teams to a total of eight goals in a competitive half-court game that was as much about survival as scoring.

Several overnight frosts slicked the concrete, making for precarious footing.

Pebbles of stone and salt sent shots and passes skipping with abandon.

“We haven’t seen something like this in many years,” said Lak Attack of the challenging conditions. “It was like playing on gravel.”

But for Joker, the harried, haphazard play seemed to move in slow motion, giving him plenty of time to square his position and cock his glove hand.

“It slows down the game,” said the gregarious goaltender. “You can see everything and you can get a little better positioning. I think I did that well today.”

Time and again he frustrated shooters who were happy just to get a shot on net as they tried to control the wildly careening ball.

“People were cautious and some good opportunities to make passes just didn’t materialize because of the courts,” said Lak Attack, whose side jumped to a 4-1 lead then hung on for a 5-3 win.

The conditions were equally challenging for defenders, who struggled to anticipate passes or found themselves sliding wildly on icy patches.

“It was very frustrating for both sides,” said Lak Attack.

And a confidence booster for Joker, whose stingy ways reversed a couple of shaky starts in recent weeks.

“Today I felt great,” said Joker. “My confidence for the rest of the season will be sky high.”

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January 03, 2016

Shrimp Ring shame

One of Sunday Morning Road Hockey’s enduring traditions may now be a portent of the game’s decline.

Sunday’s 20th annual Shrimp Ring Bowl to kick off the new year was a shrimp ring without a bowl. Only four players reported to the frost-slicked courts and the game was iced.

And that doesn’t bode well for the season’s second half, said Lak Attack, a veteran of many of the celebratory showdowns.

“If you have a good Shrimp Ring, you know the guys are committed,” he said. “But if you don’t, you know the game is waning away. It’s disappointing.”

While a cold fog that iced the roads may have kept some of the roadsters home Sunday, there was a time when even a snowstorm couldn’t prevent the Ring’s renewal. Like in 2005, when the roadsters chopped and shovelled three days of accumulated snow and ice to ensure the game went on.

“That’s what’s been lost,” said Lak Attack, as he, Nouvelle Guy, Joker and Living Legend dipped their bargain shrimp into tangy cocktail sauce. “Guys have had a good holiday; you’d think they would be champing at the bit to come out and play.”

Still, there’s reason for hope.

The league’s core veterans remain passionate, their enthusiasm buoyed by the return of fellow founding father Wink after he missed five seasons to overcome medical challenges. And there’s a promise of new recruits, including another goalie.

“It’s time to find some new faces that are passionate and committed to the game,” said Lak Attack. “We have to build around that. It’s only going to get better as long as we’re all committed to the same goal.”

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